Rust Ukraine is a volunteer organization striving to promote Rust Programming language in the country. We run meetups and conferences in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

Where to Find Us

Our team:

Our twitter is RustUkraine. You should follow us.

We’re active on several Gitter communities:

  1. Dev-Ua/Rust
  2. Vagga
  3. Exonum
  4. RustyCrate

Also, Rust Telegram chat and RustyCrate forum.


In 2014 Steve Klabnik from the Rust Core team came to Kyiv and gave a talk “Rust for Rubyists” at RubyC conference. The talk sparked interest to Rust among several members of

Later that year we run a few informal gatherings at different conferences where we talked about Rust and our experiences learning and playing with the language.

In 2015 Andrey Listochkin and Ivan Lavriv - both Kottans members - ran a joint Kyiv + Lviv Rust 1.0 release party. Later that year Ivan ran the second Rust Ukraine meetup.

Since then the informal gatherings continued at various Ukrainian developer conferences and meetups. Notably: Kyiv JS meetups, various City JS conferences, PyCon UA, XP Days, and Lviv Pivorak meetups.

In 2016 Andrey helped Mikhail Pankov start Russian Rust community - RustyCrate (he came up with the name amongst other things).

In 2017, the second RustFest conference took place in Kyiv, and shortly after we decided to run regular meetups in the city.