Hey, is thing on? taps the mic

Hello, again, long time no see! We’re back, and we’re meeting again. The meetup will take place at our friends at Rails Reactor, and two of our team mates will present this time.

  1. Quick’n’dirty prototype with Rust. Is it feasible? by Paul Colomiets
    Paul is the author of Vagga containers and Swindon websocket server

  2. Command-line scripting with Rust. Wait, what?! by Andrey Listochkin
    Andrey is a co-organizer of KyivJS and JavaScript fwdays 2020 program committee member.

Registration is open now, the event is free, but space is limited, so please reserve your spot while it’s still available!

Rust Ukraine Meetup will take place on Thursday, December 12 at Rails Reactor office (Kyiv, 35 Yamska street, 18th floor). Talks start at 19:00.

Big thanks to Denis Sergienko and Oleksandr Lapshyn for making this event happen!

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