Hello, friends!

Andrey here. A few months passed since we ran RustFest in Kyiv, and it’s time to meet again! We plan to run another meetup in Kyiv this fall, on September 2nd.

Rust Ukraine

We’re still looking for speakers. Want to give a full-length talk or a small 5-10 minute presentation? Reach me out on Twitter or RustUkraine, Facebook, or Gitter. It doesn’t have to be strictly Rust-related. We’re always happy to discuss various topics related to engineering practices, tools, and culture. If you never gave a talk before, fear not! We will help you with your speech and your slides. Just like we do at KyivJS meetups.

Our meetup will be free, and the RSVP link will be up on the website in a few days.

RustFest Kyiv was a blast, and we all had a great time! If you missed the conference or want a refresher the videos are up:

We’re gearing up for the next installment in Zürich. Tickets are available, and we had a long talk selection call earlier today. I’ve got to tell you: the proposals were fantastic! It was tough to narrow a long list down to about a dozen, but the final list is superb! We’ll be announcing them on RustFest Twitter in the coming weeks.

So, please, come to Zürich!

Also, if you read this you probably realize we’ve got a proper website! Yay! RustUkarine existed as an informal gathering for quite some time, but aside from the very first two meetups in Kyiv and Lviv, all our subsequent meetings took place at other conferences. So if you were at, say, Kharkiv JS, Pycon UA, XP Days, RubyC, etc. you could notice and a suspicious group of people talking about Rust over and over.

We decided that we need to broaden our group and meet more often and more formally. I hope you appreciate this idea, too.

So, to sum up:

  1. There will be a meetup on September 2nd. If you’d like to present a talk, even a small one, reach out to me!
  2. RustFest Zürich is coming! Tickets are up; talks will be announced soon.
  3. We’ve got a new website, and we welcome your contributions.

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Andrey Listochkin